CertiK Has Completed PancakeHunny’s Audit

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[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer]

We are thrilled to announce that CertiK has completed PancakeHunny’s smart contract audit! PancakeHunny is building the first DeFi platform integrating traditional yield farming capabilities with gamification like Poker, Lottery, and NFT functionalities. They aim to provide all users with a safe and secure environment hence, it is of utmost importance to audit the HUNNY smart contracts by one of the leading smart contract auditors in the blockchain scene — CertiK.

The audit conducted by CertiK will ensure that PancakeHunny has no vulnerabilities and to prevent any malicious attacks. PancakeHunny will be engaging more blockchain experts and auditors to constantly review our codes to maintain current with the ever-changing blockchain landscape.

The final CertiK audit report affirms that PancakeHunny has no critical nor any major issues and other minor ones have been addressed and resolved.


PancakeHunny will proceed with CertiK’s full suite of security features — state-of-the-art security systems known as Skynet and CertiKShield. Subscribing to Skynet is to ensure 24/7 security surveillance over the smart contracts with their unified set of security tool chains that leverages automated technologies to check deployed smart contracts against a wide range of known vulnerabilities at scale. It produces accurate smart contract security scores, which indicate the risk potential for hacks and code malfunctions.

As mentioned above, PancakeHunny will be proceeding with CertiKShield for the smart contracts audited, the CertiKShield Pool is a decentralized pool of CTK (CertiK tokens) that is used to reimburse lost, stolen, or inaccessible assets from any blockchain. An amount not more than 100,000 CTK will be reimbursed to PancakeHunny by the members of the CertiKShield Pool. This can help prevent instances where, due to any exploits, the affected dev team has no further financial capacity to keep operations ongoing and where possible, to reimburse users’ loss of assets.

What the Audit Entails

The audit has been conducted for PancakeHunny’s smart contracts, to discover issues and vulnerabilities in the source code of our smart contracts as well as any contract dependencies that were not part of an officially recognized library. A comprehensive examination has been performed, utilizing Static Analysis and Manual Review techniques.

PancakeHunny’s smart contract and the audit report can be found here: https://www.certik.org/projects/pancakehunny

PancakeHunny Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds to Protect Against Flash Loan Attacks

PancakeHunny is now securing hives using Chainlink Price Feeds — the industry standard for decentralized price oracles.

The initial integration, now live on the BSC mainnet, involves the use of Chainlink Price Feeds for BNB/USD and CAKE/USD. Chainlink Price Feeds are the most widely used and time-tested oracle solution throughout the DeFi industry, collectively securing tens of billions of dollars in users’ funds across the largest DeFi projects and blockchains.

PancakeHunny requires the use of price oracles to determine the amount of liquidity mining rewards users receive from minter contract when they deposit funds. This process requires their smart contracts have access to price feeds to calculate the value of user deposits within hives. The upgrade to Chainlink oracles will greatly improve the security and accuracy of valuing user deposits, setting a solid foundation for PancakeHunny to scale in TVL.

About PancakeHunny

PancakeHunny aims to be the most engaging and fun DeFi destination built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). On top of that, we are developing a brand new and unprecedented gamified farming playground where every user can enjoy high yields and exciting games at the same time.

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