Why Bitcoin And Blind Dating Don’t Mix

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They say love is blind, but the what is most blinding in Bitcoin has always been greed. But falling for someone with the same interests as you, especially someone who is equally enamored by all things crypto, is something worth keeping your eyes peeled for.

A new app attempts to make it a lot easier for BTC maxis and other crypto enthusiasts to connect romantically, but could be setting up users for serious heartbreak. Here’s a stern warning about why Bitcoin and blind dating don’t mix.

To Have & To HODL: Crypto Dating App Debuts

A relatively new dating app has launched, focused on connecting those with crypto-centric interests with other like-minded individuals.

The website claims to its a “cool community” and connections are made with a “Smart Matching” system focusing on interests and traits.

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“It is time for a new generation of sovereign couples,” the website reads. “Just like any dating site, only bitcoin is at the forefront.”

love is bitcoin blind dating

Forget dating. Bitcoin price action gets the blood pumping | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com

Love Is Bitcoin And Why Blind Dating Could Be Dangerous

Everyone knows the first rule of most things. People even know the first rule of Fight Club, which breaks the rules in and of itself. The first rule of investing goes like this…

Never invest more than you can comfortably afford to lose.

The second rule is also important, which suggests to never disclose to anyone – not online, not family members, no one – that you hold cryptocurrencies or how much in assets you hold. Doing so can make you an immediate target.

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Advertising the fact you’re a Bitcoin maxi might get you attention from women on the app, but who is to say they are who they say they are.

Oddly, the website’s blog even discusses this theory related to the recent Bitcoin conference Miami, which they warned was filled with “women con artists” who prey on “lonely men.”

In the blog post entitled, How to Stay Safe at Bitcoin Conventions, Hackathons and Blind Dates, author George Saoulidis recommends several tips to prevent loss of assets. Included in the list, is “don’t bring your main phone,” “hardware wallet,” and be extra careful when “inebriated.” He also suggests buying a burner phone.

While solid advice, all of this could be alleviated by simply not going on a Bitcoin blind date in the first place. In an industry where privacy matters, exposing yourself as someone who has potential wealth behind them, can instantly make you a target.

There are published stories of the wealthy being physically harmed, even killed for refusing to give assailants sensitive passphrase or passwords to access assets. Promoting that you hold such assets, isn’t ever worth the potential heartache for a shot at love.

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